These Photographs Reveal Hellish Life Of Women In Bangladesh’s 200-Year-Old Brothell


Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim countries where prostitution is legal.

Country’s Tangail district houses brothel that has existed for 200 years. Kandapara brothel is the oldest and second largest brothel in the country.

Demolished in 2014, the women who grew up there didn’t know where to go. Later, it re-started. Many of the prostitutes have always lived there; some were sold into prostitution by their families, and others were abducted from their villages. German-based photojournalist, Sandra Hoyn, who visited Kandapara, has documented the life of its sex workers.

She writes about her experience after visiting Kandapara- “The brothel district is surrounded by a two-meter wall. In the narrow streets, there are food stalls, tea shops, and street vendors. A brothel is a place with its own rules and hierarchies which are often completely different from the mainstream society.”

Read the story to find more about those who spend their lives in the Kandapara brothel, Bangladesh.

1. Kandapara brothel

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